NYE Midnight: 2020 A Future Disco

Midnight returns to its birthplace – NEW YEARS EVE – ‘Midnight’ as a concept was born out of some off the scale NYE events at Sheaf St and every other year we return to throw a huge NYE celebration.


At Sheaf St we do NYE properly, a nice big build-up, huge countdown and go absolutely nuts on the stroke of 12. Then hours of quality music and room for big dancing!

Midnight is an event that comes around just a few times a year and is special and different every time. If you were lucky enough to attend our ‘Space Cadets’, ‘Eclectic Ensemble’, ‘Cardboard City’, Dungeons & Drag Queens’ or ‘Psychedelic Circus’ events you know we know how to throw a party!

Midnight is a night for anyone and everyone who likes to have a good time. It’s all the feral fun of the festival without the mud, It’s all the best bits of a house party, All the best bits of a club. House, Disco, Big Tunes. A proper party that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Each event has a different theme – New Years eve is no different

It’s 2020 we’re living in the future! Imagine partying on a moon base. It’s Future-retro its Kubric-esque. There are new fancy fabrics and unimagined communication devices. 3D printed trousers and one-piece bodysuits. It’s fashion from the future and hair from the 70’s. Shiny, sleek, glossy, glittery, and glamorous. There are blinding lights and neon strips. Make yourself some space pants, arrive in a flying car, invent some new wearable tech or shoes that levitate. Its Microtechnology and circuit boards, replacing meals with food tablets and teleporting around. Maybe your dancing partner is an android. The future is a party!

Interpret it any way you like, go as crazy as you want or just come as you are – we’re all friends here! We will make sure there’s plenty to get involved with on the evening if you want to jazz up when you arrive, but you know the drill those who make the most effort will be handsomely rewarded 😉

Head to our Pinterest board for more ideas, tips, and inspiration on the theme… https://www.pinterest.co.uk/SheafSt/midnight-future-disco-nye-2019/?fbclid=IwAR0TaVftw3j-rH_Y4gHZ-NQPOqoELXLnoP5SLXOO_L7HNBePuyFaJkaVHtM

The Line-Up – A special selection of our amazing residents and some surprises thrown in.

The event takes place at Sheaf St
– Across the bar, event space and Yarden (outdoor terrace)
– Pioneer Pro Audio Sound system throughout
– Huge 6k projection screens
– Décor
– Performers
– Free drinks to be won
– Co2 + Pyro
– Massive countdown
– Big Midnight celebrations
– extended midnight hours
+ surprises in store

Tickets – Don’t hang about ‘Midnight’ sells out in advance.
Early Bird – £12 – SOLD OUT
1st Release – £17 – SOLD OUT
2nd Release – £20* – SOLD OUT
Final Release – £24*

*excluding booking fee and including £3 discount for hitting ‘facebook I’m attending’ button on Ticket Arena Ticket purchase page. Discounted Student tickets also available

???Sheaf St is a CASHLESS venue – card only ???(contactless preferred) at the bar and cloakroom.

Event link here.