Natasha Kitty Katt – Windy City / Let’s Make Love – Midnight Riot!

Natasha ‘Kitty’ Katt – Windy City EP – Midnight Riot!

A rising star not just in the DJ world but now as a respected producer – Edinburgh based Miss Kitty Katt has released a series of disco house workouts for some time and her new Midnight Riot debut is no exception. With traces of that early Mark E sound with a twist – this EP is a deep Chicago groover with filtered loops, tough beats and enough drops in all the right places.

‘Let’s Make Love’ is already causing dance floor mayhem whilst ‘Windy City’ is given a modern day revision. Originally a pirate radio anthem in the late 80s, Natasha Kitty Katt has turned out an intense late night bumper, full of swagger and will be a go to classic for years to come.


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