Downtown Disco: The Reflex, Re-Tide, Natasha Kitty Katty, Ian Ossia

Tucked away in the undiscovered backstreets of Leeds, there was a place. An underground space. Not many knew of it, but if you were lucky you might just stumble upon it.

A place packed with beautiful people. A club playing the coolest nu-disco sounds that ignited an excitement inside you. People with happy faces, living for the moment – an atmosphere that you didn’t know existed.

This place was our little secret. Only people that sought out the hottest sounds were part of it. A smoky club packed with friends. Everybody glued to the dancefloor, and every tune brought waves of excitement. The incredible vibes took you to a place lost in the legends of history.

DJs who were truly passionate about the music. A niche crowd of hedonists who had come to dance and lose themselves in an incredible underground movement. Promoters that wanted to give a unique experience at any expense. Style, class, and a sense of being part of something special.

We knew that only the best would be good enough to follow a night like we had experienced at the first Downtown Disco in August. We return on 29 Dec for our 2nd event. Our aim is to bring that same quality, and to bring you once again the very best DJs from around the world who will blow you away with their musical talents, playing in one of the finest clubs in the UK.

The best music. The best people. The best club.

Disco Lovers – are you ready for Downtown Disco 2?

Downtown Disco return to the Mint Club Leeds, bringing you another night of the best sounds from The Reflex, Re-Tide, Natasha Kitty Katt, Ian Ossia, Deelicious and Campo.

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