Batt Danse Trailer – Natasha Kitty Katt & Billy Wirth (The Lost Boys)

???? ***TRAILER ALERT*** ????

When I say this track is my ???? baby, I’m really not kidding. A year in the making from concept to completion, ‘Batt Danse’ has been my biggest project to date. Out of everything I’ve done, this really showcases my sound and the direction of my upcoming album, ‘Synaptic Juice’. Available everywhere from today, please support your local intergalactic disco vampire ???????? a huge thank you to Billy Wirth for believing in the project and working with me. It’s been an honour.

To celebrate the 36th Anniversary of the ‘Lost Boys’ film and Halloween, F*CLR are proud to present Intergalactic Disco Vampire, Natasha Kitty Katt and her ‘Batt Danse’ EP featuring very special guest vocalist, original Lost Boy, Billy Wirth. Riding over an incessant 80s style electronic groove, Billy delivers a brilliantly chilling message….’you’re one of us now’.

????No Reel Productions

Artwork credit: Cmatthewman Designs