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Natasha Kitty Katt on Following your passion and making it happen. If you need some inspiration to take the leap of faith and follow your music career dreams, then this is the podcast for you. Listen NOW via Spotify Here

We cover so much from radio to labels plus business and marketing.It’s been a tough couple of years, but Natasha Kitty Katt put the get down into lockdown & set herself up with a green screen & Starship Enterprise DJ set up. She launched herself into the Livestream format creating her own unique cut-up video edits with her usual style, good humour and above all fantastic music choices. You can catch her live streams for legendary platforms & clubs including Traxsource, Juno, Quantize, Djoon, & Jackie’s Festival, plus her stand out interview for Studio 54 FM on Sirius XM by Marc and Myra.