Tabaschek – Funky People EP – Ghetto Disco Records

Tabaschek - Funky People - Ghetto Disco Records

A lot of people have been asking me about this one! Tabaschek – Funky People EP is now available for ORDER! Show some love 👽Ghetto Disco Records

Support from:

“YEAH FUNKY indeed -Funky people is my fav” – Horse Meat Disco Severino

“Summer funky vibes right there” – Melvo Baptiste

“Funky People is a JAMMMMM” – Hifi Sean

“Funky People is a JAM – love it, super funky. Live the vibe. Very me, 💯 support 🐭💜🐭💜” – Mighty Mouse

Order here:…/tabaschek…/4866452-02/

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